Facility Services
Infinity Tech works with you to help manage overhead
Our Software Solutions provide the ability to remotely manage your device overhead through web-enhanced applications
Infinity Tech has experience with facility design and inventory. In fact, using the Rack Track software brings this to lifeā€¦
Bringing Site Management to Your Finger Tips
Coming Soon 2022......Infinity Tech offers solutions in regional site management!
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Timely Services
With the help of Rack Track, Infinity Tech was able to setup management for over 60 sites ranging as far as 364,000 square miles apart
Our Facility Management offers server threshold monitoring, rack dimmensions, estimated product lifespan, and more.
Products Designed Right
With scalability kept in mind, Infinity Tech has provided the ability for our customers to:
  • Add Equipment Easily
  • Intuitively Search their Sites
  • Interact with Responsive Web Applications for Mobility
  • Real Time Rack Management
  • Aerial Enterprise Overview
The Rack Track mascot