EC Autopilot
The EC Autopilot is a modular framework which installs into a server which also has the Explorer Controller package. It's designed for efficiency and reduce tasks which are time-consuming for Engineering teams.
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Racktrack Homepage
Rack Track™
Rack Track™ is your all-in-one solution for managing your assets in your Enterprise environment. Featuring a highly visual representation of your facilities, Rack Track™ allows you to feel as if you’re directly in front of the equipment, even if you’re thousands of miles away. .
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Digital Playbook Homepage
Digital Playbook
The Digital Playbook was created for a large telecommunications organization and is designed to illustrate real-time configuration data from multiple outside vendors across their nation-wide Network.
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EC API Homepage
The EC API is a RESTful API framework that provides remote services access to configuration data contained within an Explorer Controller. With a security-first approach, the EC API offers elements such as QAM Settings, Session Details, Uptime, System Alarms, and much more.
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